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When you need cabinets in Portland, OR, don’t buy new, turn to the professionals at Surface Solutions, LLC for all your cabinet needs. We’ve worked on countless homes and businesses performing cabinet refacing in Portland, OR and Scappoose, OR on existing cabinets. You might be wondering what that is, and what makes us your first choice for cabinets. Refacing cabinets involves removing existing hardware and cabinetry while leaving the boxes and frame intact. We can then reface your cabinets exactly how you want them. There are a number of fantastic reasons to choose¬†Surface Solutions, LLC to work on your Portland, OR cabinets! Check out our cabinet refacing gallery to see some excellent examples of our work.

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  • Cabinet Options

    When you decide it's time for new cabinets, you want what you want. Luckily, you don't have to get new cabinets in order to get the look, style, and wood type you desire. When we reface your cabinets, we apply genuine wood veneers to every exposed surface. This includes frames, boxes, and the insides of your cabinets as well. We then install matching hardware, doors and door drawer fronts. By the time Surface Solutions, LLC gets done, your cabinets will look and feel exactly how you want them to.
  • How Long Will it Take to Replace My Cabinets?

    Installation of new cabinets can take an incredibly long time. If you hire out for it there's not guarantee it will be done on time, and once you've got a crew in your house you're already on the hook until the work is done. We have 20 years experience refacing cabinets, and in addition to knowing exactly how long it will take, we always stand by our word. When you want cabinet work done in a timely fashion, choose Surface Solutions, LLC.
  • Savings on Portland Cabinets

    New cabinet installation can be expensive. You'll have to have the area completely gutted as they remove and rebuild everything from scratch. You won't even see a large portion of the wood you'll be paying for, and the cost can quickly spiral upwards. Cabinet refacing isn't just a cost effective alternative to new cabinets, it's the smart alternative. We apply genuine veneers in any style over your existing framework, saving you time, money, and providing you with the same style options new cabinets would.
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